[openvas-discuss] Building OpenVAS from CVS

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Thu Nov 10 18:43:17 CET 2005

Tim Brown wrote:
> Has anyone attempted to compile and use the OpenVAS source code.  Any 
> bugs discovered?
(set follow-up to openvas-development at openvas.org)

I compiled openvas-core on a Linux-X86 system w/ gcc-3.3

openvas-core/nessusd compiles OK
I didn't ran it though.

openvas-core/nessus doesn't compile.
It seems the include path is broken:
    html_graph_output.c:72:17: gdc.h: No such file or directory
But gdc.h sits in openvas-core/nessus/gdchart0.94b/gdc.h

But IIRC this happened before the source code changes as well!
Unfortunately I don't have that source any longer.

openvas-core/nessus-fetch doesn't link but probably this is an
inherited error of the compile failure of nessus.

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