[openvas-discuss] Future enhancements: plugins in perl??

Tim Brown timb at openvas.org
Mon Nov 28 23:36:03 CET 2005

Watched this discussion kick off with interest, nice to see plenty of good 
ideas kicking around.  On thought though is that we should attempt to mimise 
the dependencies a new install of OpenVAS will require to work.  It's all 
well and good proposing bindings for any language, but ultimately they will 
all need supporting AND installing by any future user base.  This being said, 
I propose we push this idea to the back of the queue for now.

The development list is beginning to chatter, so hopefully work in that regard 
should begin to take shape.  Any other ideas on what features we'd like to 
see?  I know for me a critical one would be better explanation by the plugins 
as to why they've come to a conclusion, as this would better aid the removal 
of false positives.

Tim Brown, OpenVAS
<mailto:timb at openvas.org>

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