[openvas-discuss] Possible future enhancement: Improved XML output

Robert Rich rrich at gstisecurity.com
Wed Nov 30 09:44:09 CET 2005

In response to Tim's 'any other enhancements' question...

I use the XML output from nessus heavily.  Unfortunately there are a few shortcomings in the design of the document, and there is no official schema for it.  This increases the complexity of using certain standard XML tools.

I'd love to see, and would happily participate in, a concerted effort to develop a robust XML schema and a stylesheet or two that folks could use for reporting.  I don't trust my C skills enough to do anything more than prototype updates to the xml-report output code, and I'm no XML guru either.  However, if there are other folks out there that use this report format, I'm sure we could collectively come up with something that makes good sense.

Just a thought.


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