[openvas-discuss] OpenVAS DevCon 1 write up

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña jfs at computer.org
Thu Apr 6 23:36:17 CEST 2006

On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 01:44:36PM -0700, Norm Donovan wrote:
> >And your point is? I'm not asking for OpenVAS and Nessus to be instalable
> >side by side, I'm saying that there should not be an 'openvas-libraries' or
> >'openvas-libnasl' unless absolutely necessary and OpenVAS should use the
> >'nessus-libraries' and 'libnasl' upstream
> I assume that some people may install OpenVAS and Nessus on the same box
> and I think that it is prudent to not have them conflict or overlap.  Is

That can be done as long as you separate filesystem namespace (i.e. binaries
don't overlap, libraries don't overlap and common directories do not
overlap). However, that I'm not really concerned about.

> your concern that the Debian distribution may be a bit larger?  I think
> many people will download OpenVAS separate from Debian.

My concern is that if code is duplicated (i.e. there is an 'openvas-libnasl'
and a 'nessus-libnasl' package or tar distributions) then bugs are duplicated
too. Bugs need to be fixed twice (you have two libraries) even though you
could just do it once and benefit both users running Nessus or OpenVAS.
If there is really no technical reason to fork the libraries, please don't do


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