[openvas-discuss] OpenVAS and OpenSSL

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Tue Jul 18 11:54:23 CEST 2006

On Saturday 15 July 2006 00:14, Thomas Reinke wrote:
> Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> > In short: I got a openvasd running with gnutls. I can connect to it
> > via SSL and most things seem to work :-)
> Wow...nice. That does a nice end-run-around the whole license
> problem.

yes, but there is still quite some work to get it stable.
Ideally, not the openssl compatibility layer but a regular use
of gnutls should she implemented.

> Which things needed to be switched off?

uh, hm, some things here and there which I did not understand
and appeared not major. I might be wrong with that assumption though.

> And did you specifically check that the daemon could test SSL
> servers (as opposed to an SSL client connecting to the daemon)?

Neither the normal current OpenVAS nor my
gnutls test are able to find my 443 SSL port.
Nessus as it comes with Debian Sarge does.

I'd like to see a 1.0.0.beta1 first (still with OpenSSL) and then
some testers. The only problem preventing 1.0.0.beta1 is that
Tim's new scripts are not yet checked into CVS.

However, independent of that, OpenVAS should start finding ways to
do the work of migrating from openssl to gnutls - volunteers or money.


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