[Openvas-discuss] Concept for OpenVAS homepage

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Fri Apr 27 17:05:18 CEST 2007


IMHO it is urgent that OpenVAS gets a homepage that looks
nice and provides basic information already now.
This should not wait until the source code cleanup process is

Here is my rough concept. I appreaciate any sort of
comments. Of course, I mostly appreciate volunteers
who might like to create drafts.

Elements that should appear on the main page:

- OpenVAS Logo
  See here for the logo that has been proposed in 2006,
  but not finally agreed upon.

  However, in case we use this logo, we definitely
  need a vector version.

  I'd really appreciate to start the final logo
  decision process as soon as possible.
  Not at least the graphical
  design of the web site depends on this.

- About area
  -  A short description of OpenVAS. For example:
  "OpenVAS stands for Open Vulnerability Assessment
  System and is a network security scanner. It consists
  of a server component and a set of plugins to test
  various vulnerabilities in remote systems and applications.
  It is Free Software under GNU GPL and a fork of Nessus."
  - A drawning that roughly illustratates the plugin flow.
    I could draft something.

- Download area:
  OpenVAS Server, Clients, Documentation
  Both, binary packages and source codes.
  (current binaries directly, all others on
  a download subpage)

- Plugins area:
  Total number of available plugins
  infos about latest plugins (integrated as RSS feed)

- Support area
  - link to mailing lists
  - link to where report errors
  - link to howto's
  - link to FAQ
  - link to professional support page

- a cool photo that makes the whole page nice
  I do not have anything special in mind and would
  be happy about any proposal that could fit for OpenVAS project.

Open questions:

- Which techology to use?
  Perhaps just plain HTML files?


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