[Openvas-discuss] express plan for future commercial support of OpenVAS?

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Thu Oct 11 15:55:47 CEST 2007


IMHO we should add a web page for openvas.org (linked as "Professional Support"
at the bottom of the box "Support") where it is expressed that plans do
exist for professional support of OpenVAS/NVTs.
This is what potential(professional) users will look for.

I am not sure yet in how much depth this page should go.
After all there are only plans, nothing real yet.

However, from my off-list communication I could imagine
about four companies that might be interested in arranging
to offer more or less jointly some commercial services.

In any case it must be made clear that the project remains
entirely dedicated to the Free Software concept and so will be
the services. Especially I am against a permanent proprietary feed,
encrypted NVTs and such.
I could imagine a subscription to a special feed that contains quality
assured NVTs a couple of days earlier before they enter the public feed.

Many other ideas are conceivable.
At the end of the day I guess we all want a sustainable feed with a stable and
comfortable OpenVAS tool chain all being Free Software.

Any thoughts on this topic welcome.

All the best

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