[Openvas-discuss] Use glib ?

Rodney Thayer rodney at canola-jones.com
Tue Apr 1 21:28:29 CEST 2008

Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to discuss a long-standing open question about about using
> external, widely-used libraries in favour of self-maintained copies or
> self-brewn implementations.
> I am aware that there is no simple answer.
> Among others, the discussion was avout the glib librarary of
> the GNOME project. It offers several utility functions e.g. for
> hashed data storages or command line parsing to name only two
> of them. The code base of OpenVAS could be reduced by using
> the functions of glib. Of course, adding further libraries
> adds potential security problems. On the other hand, code review is
> shared with a much larger developer/user group for widely used external
> libraries.
> I'd like to hear some opinions about this question.
> What strategy should OpenVAS follow?

when I've found myself complaining about some open source project's
use (or mis-use, or unfortunately non-portable use) of things like glib,
I think these are the issues one might consider:

-- what distro's should it run on easily?
-- should it run easily on live cd's?
-- how much work do we want it to end up being to do
   "apt-cache search openvas"

In other words, I would like to see it be at least a tolerable process
to run on:

  - fedora 8
  - ubuntu 7
  - debian 4
  - backtrack/wolvix/etc. live cd's
  - slackware 8
Note: I don't claim my list is anything but a sample data point ;-)

> Are there already noteworthy articles about this question (as it
> is absolutely not OpenVAS-specific)?

I agree it is not OpenVAS specific.  However, "what effort does the
team want to put into making it easy to deploy OpenVAS" is a question
the group might want to consider.

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