[Openvas-discuss] Security language is english !?

Tim Brown timb at nth-dimension.org.uk
Wed Apr 30 15:13:02 CEST 2008

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> AFAIU, the "security language" is english. All relevant sources of security
> alerts are in english and need to be understood anyway by the auditors.
> (Yes, there are some non-english sources of security alerts, but in fact
> these could even be better implemented as separate base NASL scripts
> and form some sort of a profile of its own).


> So, I'd be interested in your opinion/thoughts on whether we should
> remove any of the Server-side localization support for NASL scripts .... ?

I've just done a quick poll of our office regarding this.  Amongst a Turk, 
a German, an Indian and a native English speaker, the opinion is that at a 
technical level, yes English is expected.  However, the German also gave 
tha business justification that not everyone who might use OpenVAS might 
be technical.  The Turk also made an interesting point, that in Turkey 
there is a large community of developers who spend their time porting 
applications to Turkish because they do not wish to use an English based 
application.  I'm not sure of any specific conclusions to draw from this 
but maybe it's a problem to let the community solve.  I do however wonder 
what effort would be required to port OpenVAS to GLib et al which might 
solve I18N issues.

Tim Brown
<mailto:timb at nth-dimension.org.uk>

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