[Openvas-discuss] 2008, the year of OpenVAS :-)

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Thu Jan 3 09:36:11 CET 2008


I wish you all a healthy and successful year 2008 and hope
you arrived well in 2008.

2008 will probably be the most significant year for OpenVAS.
I expect OpenVAS to go into production mode soon accompanied
with first NVT families fully available and kept up-to-date.

Javier and Tim are busy with getting OpenVAS into Debian
and I hope we'll have the first modules in there this month.

I take care of the 1.0 releases and will consider any patch or
other comment for this. Thus the more testers the better ;-)
However, to do all the work is beyond my capacity and I
am in need of a helping hand  for working on OpenVAS
software developments part or full time.

There is also work going on here about documentation,
a NVT developers guide is in preparation and I hope to
have an intial version soon.
The OpenVAS users manual is still seeking for someone
to rewrite it based on the present openvas-manual - please
speak up if you like to start working in this.

I am convinced that OpenVAS can only be a sustainable
success if adequate business models evolve around it.
Of course only those based on the Free Software concept.
Thats what I am most interested in and I will try to
discuss and establish some structures in the next couple of

Finally, there is a important european congress and fair
approching where it might make sense to present OpenVAS
in the form of presentations and a booth:

  http://www.linuxtag.org/2008/     (May, 28-31 2008)

Submission deadline for abstracts is very soon: January 11th.
I will submit a general presenation of the OpenVAS project.

I also like the idea of a booth. The only problem is that
the booth needs enough staff as I can not be there all the time.
So, in case you are interested in being in Berlin that time and
present OpenVAS or just meet with other OpenVAS people
in real life, let us know on this list. Perhaps we could even
organize a developer meeting to directly discuss some of the next
steps (this alone could be reason enough to come to Berlin :-).

All the best

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