[Openvas-discuss] openvas-compendium to replace openvas-manual?

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Tue Jul 8 12:17:09 CEST 2008


the current openvas-manual is inherited from Nessus with only some minimal
I propose to to entirely get rid of this and replace it with the "OpenVAS compendium"
for the following reasons:

 * plain latex(+hyperlatex) instead of lyx (make compilation easier for distributions AFAIU)
 * Get rid of any authorship of the origin Nessus team (which means to rewrite
    various sections, which is good anyway since most of the stuff is quite old). The only
    part transferred to the compendium is the part I wrote myself - the GUI description.
    Once the OpenVAS team identified an independend organization to hold the copyright,
    the compendium could this way transferred entirely.

Have a look at the Compendium this way:

 $ svn checkout https://svn.wald.intevation.org/svn/openvas/trunk/doc/openvas-compendium
 $ cd openvas-compendium/
 $ make pdf
 $ make hyperhtml

(you need to have installed latex packages and hyperlatex for the html version).

In case the old manual should indeed be superceeded with the compendium, how to do that?

 * Keep module name "openvas-manual" or rename it to "openvas-compendium"?
 * Move compendium files to this module and keep the other files for a while?
 * Or delete them immediately?
 * Which version to apply? (-manual has 0.9.0, -compendium has 0.1.0).

My personal preference is to rename to openvas-compendium, delete all old
stuff and apply version 0.1.0.

Any comments, suggestions welcome.



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