[Openvas-discuss] openvas-compendium to replace openvas-manual?

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Thu Jul 17 23:54:10 CEST 2008

Am Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008 01:43:06 schrieb Tim Brown:
> On Tuesday 08 July 2008 11:17:09 Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> >  * plain latex(+hyperlatex) instead of lyx (make compilation easier for
> > distributions AFAIU) * Get rid of any authorship of the origin Nessus
> > team (which means to rewrite various sections, which is good anyway since
> > most of the stuff is quite old). The only part transferred to the
> > compendium is the part I wrote myself - the GUI description. Once the
> > OpenVAS team identified an independend organization to hold the
> > copyright, the compendium could this way transferred entirely.
> I would go with SPI if we want to centralise copyright in this manner.

I did already a couple of months ago. The result was that despite
the fact that they have a corresponding note on their pages they
never received any copyrights so far. And they are neither
prepared for this nor really wishing to do it (they did not negate though).
My conclusion than was that it might be better to head for FLA
some day and either transfer to FSFE or another trusted organization.

> I  know they prefer not to hold copyright, but they will do so if asked and 
> already have an existing relationship of sorts with them.  Incidentally, I
> notice that the source for the compendium is GPLv2(only) however it
> generates CC-SA licensed output.  I'm not sure that this is the best way to
> go.

hm, this should be cleaned of course. Since the compendium is
actually documentation I'd prefer CCSA over the GNU licenses
as it is better understood (remember the Debian discussion about FDL).

> > In case the old manual should indeed be superceeded with the compendium,
> > how to do that?
> >
> >  * Keep module name "openvas-manual" or rename it to
> > "openvas-compendium"? * Move compendium files to this module and keep the
> > other files for a while? * Or delete them immediately?
> >  * Which version to apply? (-manual has 0.9.0, -compendium has 0.1.0).
> >
> > My personal preference is to rename to openvas-compendium, delete all old
> > stuff and apply version 0.1.0.
> I second that.

If no non-positive comments get in, we will do the change end of this month
or early in August.

> For the record, content so far looks excellent.  I've added a sub section
> on script_oid to the NASL scripting chapter as it's important to get that
> documented.

thanks. Yes, to fulfil the promise of a "compendium" there need to be
many additional stuff in there. However, we must have a start.

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