[Openvas-discuss] XML definition file

Jean-Christophe FORTON jcf at ubiqube.com
Thu Oct 30 12:12:15 CET 2008

Hello all,


I continue my integration of OpenVAS with the following version of:

*	openvas-libraries-1.0.1 
*	openvas-libnasl-1.0.0 
*	openvas-server-1.0.0 
*	openvas-plugins-1.0.4 
*	openvas-client-1.0.2


And I was wondering: where is the definition file that suits the xml
report? (for html display for exemple).


PS : I looked in the tarball, but without any success.


Thanks all.


Jean-Christophe Forton


UBIqube Solutions  

Smart Security Services



18-20 rue Henri Barbusse


38035 Grenoble, Cedex 2, France


ph: +33 438498370






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