[Openvas-discuss] Setting Plugin Timeout not working?

Marc Rennhard marc.rennhard at zhaw.ch
Wed Apr 1 08:08:40 CEST 2009

Hi Tim

> How long does nikto run for, if you run it manually with the same options.  It 
> may be my misunderstanding but the timeouts that are set on the plugin are 
> only for the plugin itself.  In the case of the nikto plugin it launches 
> nikto as a separate process.  The timeout has no control over the lifetime of 
> the nikto process itself (except *maybe* if nikto was to overrun the plugin 
> timeout?).  I'm not totally familiar with the plugin scheduling though, so I  
> expect someone else to provide a better answer ;).

Nikto itself requires about 15 minutes to finish scanning the target
host and it is still running (and actually terminated) after the openvas
timeout of 320 seconds is reached. So everything seems to be OK except
that the plugin shouldn't be terminated.


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