[Openvas-discuss] Web based Reporter tool

Tim Mehmet tim at funkydog.co.uk
Thu Apr 23 22:11:27 CEST 2009


I have created a simple web based solution for presenting scans jobs.
Its all done in PHP and it reads scan jobs exported into the xml format.

I just wanted to share it with you guys, I dont know if anyone has
anything similar or not. I created it to share nessus scans in an
intranet server for various groups.

Anyway, please check it out, feel free to comment, its completely free,
I dont want anything at all, I just hope people find it useful,  all
scripts included in download. I have'nt tested it much other than on my
systems so there may well be bugs or issues!.

Demo here; http://www.hackerstorm.co.uk/openvas/openvas-index.php
my website and download here: http://www.hackerstorm.com

I'm not planning to take these scripts any further, though I am thinking
of doing something with MySQL, something a bit more powerful than static

Has this been done already? 

Perhaps something with 'flash' DashBoards with various summaries,
historical charts, grouping scan jobs into platforms, services,
departments etc. In particular, I want to create a realtime chart for
regular scans. I perform multiple scans some 4-8 times per day and
create alerts when something is found on my private systems from
internet scans. I do this with commercial tools already but I would like
something opensource for sure.

Would be happy for feedback on this also. Please note, I dont want to do
anything for Nessus, it will be just OpenVas if I do.



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