[Openvas-discuss] Compiling under FreeBSD 7.1?

Dirk Jagdmann d.jagdmann at dn-systems.de
Fri Aug 7 07:57:58 CEST 2009

Hello John,

the different operating systems sometimes require a different set of header
files to include when going beyond the ANSI-C standard functions. Obviously your
FreeBSD requires some missing headers for the network sockets definitions.

What you have to do, is to check which files in /usr/include/ define those
things like AF_INET, struct sockaddr_in, etc.

You'll have success with something like
grep -H AF_INET /usr/include/*.h
grep -H AF_INET /usr/include/*/*.h

When grep has found your files, add them to the header #include section on top
the file source code file that did not complain.

Of course there may be other obsticles in your way to a working FreeBSD
compilation. If you're seriously stuck, you would have to visit me in Santa
Clara and I can help in "porting".

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