[Openvas-discuss] Get to start SPI's Click & Pledge for OpenVAS

Tim Brown timb at openvas.org
Tue Aug 18 00:58:56 CEST 2009

On Monday 17 August 2009 08:12:26 Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> this topic was discussed a couple of times now and actually
> everyone wants it and it only needs to be coordinated with SPI.

Do they?  I'm still unsure as to what we want to take donations *for* and I 
think we need to work that out before we start taking peoples money.  It's 
been available for quite some time, but with the exception of the DevCon 
discussions I've not heard anyone mention it.

> I really want to have this done within this month!
> Anyone here to take over the job to communicate
> with SPI?
> I don't expect much work. Just a couple of emails,
> finding out about the right Click&pledge URL and
> putting the URL to our website.

It's listed on http://www.spi-inc.org/donations:


What I would propose is that we work out what we would like to take donations 
for and that I then put this to SPI's legal team to confirm that doing so is 
with in the bounds of what is allowed given their non-profit status.  So far 
the list of reasons for donations consists of:

* Paying towards DevCon costs
* Paying prize money for plugin development contest

Both of which I believe are acceptable.  What other things would we like to 

Tim Brown
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Tim Brown
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