[Openvas-discuss] OpenVAS and Nikto

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Wed Oct 28 11:52:34 CET 2009



I've seen similar behavior in the past.  I believe, but have not
verified, that the nikto wrapper is not properly detecting https ports are
open in certain conditions.  Does your scan involve https rather than
just http? 


 Geoff Galitz 
 Blankenheim, Germany 

 On Wed 28/10/09 11:40 , "Angelo Compagnucci" angelo.compagnucci at gmail.com
  Hello list,

 I'm having a trouble using OpenVAS and Nikto.

 If I run nikto manually, It returns some results ( Example Joomla
 My_eGallery installed) which are true.

 But when It runs from OpenVAS this results are not displayed in the
 final report.

 I'm sure that Nikto was running from OpenVAS because I followed
 interactively OpenVAS spawning processes from htop.

 Thanks in advance!
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