[Openvas-discuss] OpenVAS and Nikto

Angelo Compagnucci angelo.compagnucci at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 15:11:04 CET 2009

Hello Chandra

> Since you are running from command line, check 'auto_enable_dependencies' is
> set to 'yes' in openvasrc. Additionally, tail to the log file
> (/usr/local/var/log/openvas/openvasd.messages) and see if some HTTP related
> plugins and nikto.nasl is successfully launched and finished (you shouldn't
> see 'process died' or 'killed' messages).

Of course I've read all log files and error messages before writing to
the mailing list. I hate when someone erase my time with stupid and
easily resolveable questions, so I tend not to be annoying.

> Also tail to KB files
> (/usr/local/var/lib/openvas/users/OPENVAS_USER/kbs/TARGET_IP) and see if KB
> items related to HTTP are set.

KB is disabled, so the tests should be started from the begining.

I confirm that nikto process is correctly forked by OpenVAS and it
reaches its end of execution without errors.

Nope the openvasd.dump nor the  openvasd.messaseges show errors or
premature exit.

OpenVAS compendium says about nikto:

"If the Nikto plugin is present and enabled, it will be executed with
your next scan. The results returned by Nikto will be available
together with the rest of the scan results."

If this is the correct behaiviuor, I encountered a bug ...


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