[Openvas-discuss] SOLVED OpenVAS and Nikto

Felix Wolfsteller felix.wolfsteller at intevation.de
Thu Oct 29 08:18:25 CET 2009

On Wednesday 28 October 2009 16:30:04 Angelo Compagnucci wrote:
> The problem was the client timeout. Nikto takes 1168 seconds to
> complete, far more than the client timeout.
> But the log shows only:
> [Wed Oct 28 16:14:01 2009][30533] Stopping the whole test (requested by
> client)
Mmh, this message is not related to timeouts, but should come only if you 
press the "Stop" button on the window showing the scan progress (did you?).

> Without signalling an error.
Unfortunately, besides the scanners log messages there is no way to tell 
whether a plugin gracefully exited at the moment. It is also unclear what 
happens to the child processes of the process that was running the nvt (e.g. 
I believe nikto survives when the process running nikto.nasl is killed).

> I set the timeout to 1800 seconds to be sure that Nikto uses the time it
> needs.
Good that you were able to resolve the issue, but there should have been a 
message in the logs.

If you can reproduce the behaviour (no results due to timeout, but no message 
in the logfiles), I would appreciate if you file a bug report at 
http://bugs.openvas.org. Please make sure that all options regarding logging 
in your openvas(s)d.conf are set to "yes". Thanks.

-- felix

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