[Openvas-discuss] [Openvas-distro-deb] installation for debian etch failed

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Mon Sep 14 09:30:48 CEST 2009


On Monday 14 September 2009 08:32:00 Michael Wiegand wrote:
> Be aware that the description on the OpenVAS website is somewhat
> outdated. For lenny, you can use the Debian Backports repository as
> described on the website. The only module missing is openvas-plugins,
> which is available from the OpenSuSE build service, for example:
> http://software.opensuse.org/search?baseproject=Debian%3A5.0&p=1&q=openvas-

since last saterday there is a openvas-server package on backports.org 
available, which ships openvas-nvt-sync. So no plugin package is needed 
anymore (for the cases where you are able to fetch the whole plugin feed via 

With kind regards, Jan.
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