[Openvas-discuss] Connect via GSA-Desktop + Question on Scan Configs

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Aug 4 20:23:14 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 04 August 2010 19:21:22 Matthew Coene wrote:
> My next bit of wishlist is that taking an initial poke around, it sounds
> like it might be possible to compile "GSA Desktop" on Windows using the
> mingw compiler...
> Any thoughts, or are there already plans in the works???  Anyone who can
> offer some high level guidance or sage advice?...  I don't want to miss out
> on the learning experience, or even having my hopes dashed, having someone
> just do it.. Yet I can say I have no idea about the necessary windows
> libraries, compile environment, specific requirements, etc...

we have taken care that those parts of openvas-libraries that are needed
by openvas-cli and by gsa-desktop compile for Windows.
Also, openvas-cli and gsa-desktop compile for Windows.

Next week we should have a gsa-desktop 0.2.0. We hope to upload windows
installer for this version and for cli as well next week.
> Also... When logged into GSA Desktop I've noticed that I can create a new
> Scan config that either includes everything and trends, or is empty and
> static, but it isn't currently allowing me to modify the
> plugin/nasl/toolset to customize or eliminate the useless selections
> thereby speeding up the scans...??

gsa-desktop does not yet implement all of OMP. The missing part will
follow step by step.
> Is this currently a limitation awaiting future implementation or might I
> have some issue with something I've done??

Just wait, get always newest release, test and let us know about bugs ;-)



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