[Openvas-discuss] Connect via GSA-Desktop + Question on Scan Configs

Matthew Coene mcoene at Bacardi.com
Thu Aug 5 14:46:38 CEST 2010


I gathered that would be the gist of how to edit a scan config as it is
sort of similar to GSAD in terms of the layout / setup...  On my particular
instance... The only buttons available on the Scan Config page are "Create"
and "Delete", even if I make my own static, blank config.  Also I ran a
test scan last night, the test came back with a "Done" status, it tells me
there is a report for the scan.... Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be
anyway to access it???  The only options in this case are seemingly to
"Start" the task or "delete" it...



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On Wednesday 04 August 2010 19:21:22 Matthew Coene wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I think I have just about everything working... excellent work all...


> With the exception of a fantastic # of sql_x: sqlite3_step finished too
> soon and "Gave up trying to gnutls_bye"
> messages, everything seems in working order...

First message basically means something like "query did not return
and is really more for debugging purposes than anything else. Will e.g.
happen when the GUI wants to enable you to select escalators but you do not

have any defined. Don't worry, its not an error message.

Also, do not worry about the other message. I think its just openvassd, who
a bit unpolite and quits conversations without saying good-bye.

> Also... When logged into GSA Desktop I've noticed that I can create a new
> Scan config that either includes everything and trends, or is empty and
> static, but it isn't currently allowing me to modify the
> plugin/nasl/toolset to customize or eliminate the useless selections
> thereby speeding up the scans...??

I do not understand the point. As long as a scan config is not already used
a task (!), you can modify it. Exceptions are the pre-built scan configs
like "Full and Fast", which can never be modified.

If you want to just employ, say, NVTs from the "FTP" family, create a
empty" config, click on the edit button and add the FTP family ... (there
some other options on the edit page, refer to the help).

  -- felix

> Is this currently a limitation awaiting future implementation or might I
> have some issue with something I've done??
> Regards,
> Matt

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