[Openvas-discuss] Problem with Authentication of the OV Manager at the Scanner

birkel at fh-brandenburg.de birkel at fh-brandenburg.de
Wed Aug 11 13:19:19 CEST 2010

Quoting Matthew Mundell <matthew.mundell at greenbone.net>:

>> i tried to communicate with the manager over omp
>> via the command 'omp -v --pretty-print --xml="<get_status/>"'
>> but i get this back:
>> <omp_response status="400" status_text="Bogus command name"></omp_response>
>> but im sure that worked on the boss live cd
>> the manager logs the following line
>> md omp:MESSAGE:2010-08-08 09h30.32 utc:1494: Failed to parse client  
>> XML: Error
>> ok, i see - in version 1.0 of the omp there is no command GET_STATUS
>> so it seems there is a problem authemticate the openvas manager at  
>> the scanner
> Looks like the authentication succeeded.  What happens when you use a real
> command, like GET_TASKS or HELP?
> 	omp -v --pretty-print --xml="<get_tasks/>"


the command get_tasks was executed without problems, but if i try the  
get_reports command - it throws: Failed to read response.

my goal is to get the number of vulunabilities in each category for a  
specified target by its target_id. is there a possibility to get this  
information over the openvas manager via omp? or to get the latest  
report for a target_id?

thanks in advance...

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