[Openvas-discuss] Need help setting up / connecting to the manager - very highly confused...

Morgan Cox morgancoxuk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 17:57:16 CEST 2010


I have read through various posts and am still not getting it...

I have a fully working openvas3 (latest libs + server) server, I connect via
openvas client on a linux desktop (also latest version)

I have compiled the manager - compile seem ok.

I basically have no clue how to connect to the manager...

I tried to follow the README.

I am running openvassd on the default port (9390)

I tried using the command

openvasmd --port 9391 --sport 9390

- nothing happens at all.

Using telnet / nmap I can see nothing is running on port 9391

i have 2 main questions:-

1. what is meant to happen (any feedback) - Should I be able to telnet to
the port (just to see something is running)

2. when working how do I connect? i.e - via  web browser/client, etc ?  The
README is not clear.

I have the latest (as of today) libraries/scanner/manager, etc.

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