[Openvas-discuss] wapiti on opensuse

Stefano Gargiulo rastrano at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 10:29:42 CEST 2010

  Hi all,

I am usng the opensuse vm distribution of openvas, all fine, but i 
received some errors in scan report reporting that wapiti is not installed.

So i tried to install it but there is no package for opensuse, so i 
downloaded the phyton source from sourceforge and i put a bash script 
wrapping it in /usr/bin:

guest28:~/wapiti-2.2.1/src/my_report_folder # cat 
/usr/bin/wapiti               #!/bin/bash
cd ~/wapiti-2.2.1/src/
python wapiti.py $*

but now i'm getting:

> wapiti report filename is empty. that could mean that
> wrong version of wapiti is used or tmp dir is not accessible.
> Make sure to have wapiti 2.x as wapiti 1.x is not supported.
> In short: check installation of wapiti and OpenVAS

but i've lastest version of wapiti!!! (is 2.x)

so i ask: where do the openvas plugin expects the report file will be put?
or better: how to correctly install wapiti on the opensuse vm?

Best regards,

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