[Openvas-discuss] Can't use SMB credentials

Jean Mouric j.mouric at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 10:50:12 CEST 2010

Oops, I meant omp as in openvas-cli, sorry about that, I did use the right

As for the exact OMP commands I use, I start the scanner and the manager as
usual and then :
(note : I do a | sed to get the ids generated by each command)

omp -p 9391 -X "<create_target><name>my target</name><hosts>[my targets

omp -p 9391 -X "<create_config><name>[my config
name]</name><get_configs_response status=\"200\" status_text=\"OK\">
<config id=\"baba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea\"><name>[my config
oid=""><name/></nvt><name>port_range</name><type/><value>[my ports
<preference><nvt oid=""><name>SMB
Authorization</name></nvt><name>SMB domain
(optional):</name><type>entry</type><value>[my domain
<preference><nvt oid=""><name>SMB
login:</name><type>entry</type><value>[my login here]<value/></preference>
<preference><nvt oid=""><name>SMB
password:</name><type>entry</type><value>[my password
<preference><nvt oid=""><name>SSH
Authorization</name></nvt><name>SSH login
name:</name><type>entry</type><value>[my login here]</value></preference>
<preference><nvt oid=""><name>SSH
Authorization</name></nvt><name>SSH password
(unsafe!):</name><type>password</type><value>[my password

The [...] parts are identical to the "Full and fast" default config. The [my
X here] are all filled in clear text. Then I simply do :

omp -p 9391 -X "<create_task><name>my task</name><config id="[the config id
here]"></config><target id="[the target id here]"></target></create_task>"

omp -p 9391 -X "<start_task task_id="[the task id here]"/>"

omp -p 9391 -X "<get_reports report_id="[the report id here]" format="xml"
levels="hmlgdf"/>" --pretty-print > my_report.xml

Everything works just fine, except the SMB authentication. As I said
earlier, the same thing happens when I use <create_lsc_credential>, SSH
works and SMB fails. And the same operations carried out with GSA all work
(SMB included).

2010/8/25 Jan-Oliver Wagner <Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net>

> On Wednesday 25 August 2010 18:12:02 Jean Mouric wrote:
> > I'm having somewhat of a weird problem. Here goes : I'm trying to
> automate
> > OpenVAS by having scripts run omp-cli. For the config, I have a template
> > file that I modify and feed to omp-cli.
> just a side note: please as your time permits use the "omp" command line
> tool of the
> package "openvas-cli". That represents the most current state.
> "omp-cli" has been moved out of the newest OpenVAS-Client.
> Best
>        Jan
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