[Openvas-discuss] Can't use SMB credentials

Jean Mouric j.mouric at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 19:07:41 CEST 2010

Well, my bad, I got it to work after all. It seems that my plugin folder was
corrupted : everything seems to be ok now. Thanks for the answers !

2010/8/26 Jean Mouric <j.mouric at gmail.com>

> >Doing a | xmlstarlet will probably be easier.
> I'll consider it.
> >This should be of type password.
> How could I miss this? I changed it, but it still doesn't work though.
> >Note also that if the target has a credential associated with it, then the
> >Manager will also send those credentials.  This could override the values
> >you sent here.
> As I said, the lsc_credential method doesn't work either for SMB, which is
> also why I think the type error above isn't the source of the problem. Is
> there any difference in the handling of SMB parameters by the manager
> compared to SSH? Maybe I shouldn't specify this in clear text but a specific
> format?
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