[Openvas-discuss] Problem with openvassd.conf??

Matthew Coene mcoene at Bacardi.com
Mon Aug 1 15:14:34 CEST 2011

Ok... I am likely missing something here...

I check the default values for my scanner...   For instance it claims to be
pulling values from /etc/openvas/openvassd.conf, which doesn't exist...  I
want to lower the plugin timeout value from the default 320 to 240 or lower
as some plugins seem to take forever when scanning across our WAN...

When I manually create the file...  and then try to restart the scanner I
get the following...

Restarting OpenVAS Scanner:
** (openvassd:25479): WARNING **: Failed to load configuration
from /etc/openvas/openvassd.conf: Key file contains line 'plugins_timeout
120' which is not a key-value pair, group, or comment

Is there somewhere else I can modify these default values or perhaps there
is specific syntax as to how it expects openvassd.conf to be in???



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