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Indeed.... good question.  Now is a good time to get this going.  What I would really like to use is a specific wiki called Confluence.  The main reason is that is has a good PDF generator we can use to make the user/admin guides with and it also has some good diagram plugins.  It is open source and is free for open-source projects.

We need somewhere to host it, though.  Is anyone willing to provide access to a server that can host confluence (it is java based).  

I am, of course, open to alternatives.


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what will be used for this? a wiki page?

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Geoff Galitz <geoff at galitz.org> wrote:


  Over the past couple weeks quite a number of people have volunteered to start helping out.   Many thanks!

  I'll get an openvas-docs email list setup for us and then we can start getting organized.  I'm going to lay out my initial plan here since I would also like some input from the general community if this addresses people's needs and if anyone has any specific requests for documentation:

  - Completely reorganize our docs into four volumes:
  1) A General Introduction to Security Auditing and Assessment (with openvas specific examples)
  2) OpenVAS Administrator Guide (installing, performance tuning, and so on)
  3) OpenVAS User Guide (using OpenVAS, including the various clients)
  4) OpenVAS Developer Guide (developing plugins and related items)

  The idea of splitting this into volumes is that only items 2 and 3 really need to change between versions, but since the docs are one integrated unit now it leaves people in a state of confusion over if they are doing the right thing and how certain they can be when using OpenVAS.

  I welcome all input.

  That's it for now.  


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