[Openvas-discuss] OpenVAS ScanProgress

Christian Kuersteiner ckuerste at gmx.ch
Fri Aug 12 05:05:41 CEST 2011


On 08/11/2011 06:51 PM, Jo�o Daniel Neves wrote:
> Both (OpenVas and XP2) are virtualized by
> Vmware. If the firewall is enabled, the scan progress does not go
> far than 1%. I have waited about one hour... And progress still at 1%
> But if firewall isn't enable everthings go fine.
> ---Why it happens? (I know that firewall is bloking the probes but isn't
> it weird?)

Which portscanning NVTs did you activate? In my experience some port 
scanners have quite some problem when there is a firewall in the way, 
therefore delaying the whole scan. Maybe try to activate first just one 
scanner, e.g. nmap and see if you still get the same behaviour. Play 
with the preferences to see which combination works best.
If you want to spend some time with it, check e.g. with wireshark what 
exactly the scanner is doing and why it might cause some troubles...

> I have tested other scenaries. I scanned a Pf_sense machine.
> At this scnario, OpenVas scanning progres reach 7%. If I reload the page
> scan magically reach 100%.
> I have reloaded the page every 10 seconds.

Don't know about this. Maybe somebody with more knowledge about the 
inner working of evaluating which NVT will be run can answer this.



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