[Openvas-discuss] Website relaunch

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Tue Aug 30 09:13:59 CEST 2011


got several feedbacks so far, thank you very much for that!
Everyone seems to think the new website is better than the current one.
Some suggestions to improve the new one also arrived and I am trying
to consider them for the new site.

I plan to put the new website online tomorrow ...

All the best


On Friday, 26. August 2011, Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> with quite a delay after we promised to do a relaunch of the website
> finally the preview is here:
>   http://www.openvas.org/newwebsite/index.html
> Our considerations for the new design are based on lots of user feedback.
> OpenVAS specific feedback but also lessons learned from other Free Software
> websites.
> Main aspects of the new design:
>  * Fokus the download. Thats what people want always.
>  * A bit more fun and less dry information on the main page (we have many
>    first-time visitors and want to tell them that this website welcomes
>    users, not just developers)
>  * Make the left-hand navigation a drop-down-menu (no Javascript, just css!)
>    This gains width and apparently will make it easier for users to find their
>    way through the website.
>  * Translation of all main content into german (we have many german users)
> Let us know what you think!
> Is it better than the current one (http://www.openvas.org/)?
> From the user feedback summary we also learned that there are two other
> main needs: A up-to-date Documentation and a better Virtual Appliance.
> Once the new website is online, I would like to focus the Virtual Appliance
> and build a 32bit one with working WMI and autocreate credentials.
> At the same time Geoff and Zaki are working on a new documentation.

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