[Openvas-discuss] Using nikto NASL

Sébastien AUCOUTURIER s.aucouturier at itrust.fr
Tue Dec 13 10:57:20 CET 2011

my two cents,
with openvas4 (lib:4-0-6, scanner:3.2.5, nvt:2011121254), and openvas5:
(beta2 for scanner and lib)

i install nikto ugly way ..  moving  /opt/nikto-2-0-4/*  to  /usr/local/bin
and i modify nikto.conf, to specify nikto plugins directory location.

- running with 'openvas-nasl nikto.nasl -t target -T -' ,  nikto report
was shown OK on stderr.

- running through gsad, in openvassd.dump file, i got broken pipe  
during nikto report writes and No Ouputs in the results.

i can help running more tests if needed.

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