[Openvas-discuss] Automating scans

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Tue Jun 21 09:58:23 CEST 2011

> I'm looking to automate scanning using OpenVas. I am unable to find any
> documentation on running command line scans/report generation using gsad,
> and from what I can tell, the original openvas-client no longer can
> communicate with the scanner.

The schedules feature allows you to automate a task from within clients
like the GSA.  Create a schedule and set it on a task.

The "omp" command provides command line control of the Manager via the OMP


The original client should still be able to control the Scanner.  Make sure
to connect to the Scanner instead of the Manager.  The original client is
however heading for deprecation, the way I see things going.

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