[Openvas-discuss] Problem with nvt in gsa

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Mon Mar 14 18:33:01 CET 2011

> ad  admin:UNKNOWN:2011-03-14 10h18.15 CST:3221: file
> /builddir/build/BUILD/openvas-administrator-1.1.1/src/admin.c: line 921
> (openvas_get_sync_script_description): assertion failed: (*description)

Strange that this assertion is failing.  Works OK here on Debian.  It's

	g_assert_cmpstr (*description, ==, NULL);

and description looks like it will always have a value.  Maybe something to
do with the glib version on CentOS?


	g_assert (*description == NULL);

or just removing the assertion might work, if you are able to recompile.

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