[Openvas-discuss] OSP or OTP or OMP - i need it!

Derek Sooman phantazmm at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 15 14:34:27 CET 2011

I wonder if that ruby stuff works with jruby then you could run it in the JVM along with your other java stuff, or wrap java code around it.

Ruby is a good one to learn for security stuff as metasploit is written in it and that’s how you write your own exploits and payloads, etc.    I’ve got a book on how to do this.


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ok i found this nice ruby libary 


anyone knows a java one?

anyone interested in partecipating to an opensource project to implement it?
we can open a google code repo.

2011/3/15 Stefano Gargiulo <rastrano at gmail.com>

  i mean, leaving apart this: 

  is there an example in how to configure and how to send these commands? 

  2011/3/15 Stefano Gargiulo <rastrano at gmail.com>

    Hi all. 

    Where i can found some documentation of Openvas Scanner Protocol or Openvas Transfer Protocol?

    I need to write a java client libary to schedule scans and parse results, what is the best way to do this?

    Is OSP here or just a proposal?

    Should i prefer using OMP to control scan via a manager (but i don't need it! my app is already a nessus manager)?

    Where i can found some docs to your API?

    Best regards,

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