[Openvas-discuss] Slave issue

Alicia Smith asmith at neospire.net
Wed Mar 16 19:19:12 CET 2011

I have added 3 slaves to my gsa interface.


I have run some test scans to see if they all perform as expected.
Vas1 runs beautifully.

However, when attempting to scan a task using Vas2, it schedules the
scan, starts it, and then immediately says completed. No scanning takes
place according to the openvassd.log
There aren't any errors in the logs.
Vas2 has been built identical to Vas1 (manually however)
Nmap from vas1 mirror's the nmap of the same device from vas2
The library configs have been checked and are identical.
The packages installed are identical as well.
Iptables is disabled on both machines, I am just not sure where the
breakdown is.
The manager connects as the netstat output shows, but it doesn't
actually scan anything.
Database has been initialized and updated on both vas1 and vas2 after
the nvt download.
I haven't finished configuring vas3 yet, until I know vas2 is working.

Any ideas? 

Alicia Smith

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