[Openvas-discuss] Slave issue

Alicia Smith asmith at neospire.net
Fri Mar 18 16:07:22 CET 2011

Yes, they are identical. They are both running on a Xen installation with the same image. 
I compiled the same sqlite3 source for both prior to the installation of the manager and all packages are matching.

I have an idea tho, I'm going to make new VM's from a snapshot of vas1 as it is now, and change the hostnames and network information and then they will definitely all be identical.
Then I'll test again :)



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> Yep, Right machine and update did run, but when I run the sqlite command you gave earlier, I get nada
> [root at neo-vas2 openvas]# /opt/sqlite/bin/sqlite3 /var/lib/openvas/mgr/tasks.db "select oid, name from nvts"
> [root at neo-vas2 openvas]#
> Does that mean there's an issue with the sqlite? Should I recompile maybe?

Maybe.  I suspect the Manager update is failing silently.  Could you check
the Manager log after the update?

Strange the the other slave worked.  Are they identical?

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