[Openvas-discuss] Updated to 4.0, Now Issues

Dan The Man blammy8 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 18:47:03 CET 2011

I did a fresh install with CentOS 5.5 using the Atomic packages and now I can't 
get the openvas-manager service to launch. It appears to be related to sqlite 
database table locks:

md   main:WARNING:2011-03-18 17h42.45 utc :4590: sql: sqlite3_step failed: 
database table is locked

md   main:CRITICAL:2011-03-18 17h42.45 utc :4590: handle_sigabrt: abort

md   main:CRITICAL:2011-03-18 17h42.57 utc :4622: main: database must be 
initialised (with --update or --rebuild)

I've rebuilt 'til I'm blue in the face and the issue remains.

I have sqlite (latest release) installed and the /opt/sqlite/lib path exported.



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> Any ideas what may be wrong? I sure appreciate the help.

Alicia Smith reported the same issue.  This is what I responded:

    Strange that this assertion is failing.  Works OK here on Debian.  It's

        g_assert_cmpstr (*description, ==, NULL);

    and description looks like it will always have a value.  Maybe something to
    do with the glib version on CentOS?


        g_assert (*description == NULL);

    or just removing the assertion might work, if you are able to recompile.

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