[Openvas-discuss] Scans not running properly

Alicia Smith asmith at neospire.net
Tue Mar 22 17:09:23 CET 2011

I wanted to update on this so that if anyone else had this issue they
could be informed.

This was a problem relating to all NVT's being selected in the default
scan configs - for some reason it would not run through all NVT's and
ended up terminating the scan early.


Export one of the scan configs (you can edit the name of it if you open
it in an editor) and import it so you can configure the nvt's  you
actually want to use as default scan configs do not allow for editing.
After customizing and dropping a lot of the NVT's I didn't need or that
used external packages I don't have installed, the scan ran beautifully
and has made me very happy.


Just an informational update!




Alicia Smith



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I'll scan a server with applications running on various ports but it's
not detecting most of it. (I'm using the gsa)

It's even telling me port 443 is down, but when I run the same scan with
the openvas client - it shows me a load of weak sslv3 and tls1 ciphers
accepted on port 443.

I created a new scan config and edited no to yes where no was configured
in the "list supported ssl ciphers" section, but there's been no change
in the results.




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