[Openvas-discuss] GSA Problem

Dan The Man blammy8 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 21:16:06 CET 2011

Same problem here. Considering the beta version of 4 worked on both my RHEL 5.5 
and CentOS 5.5 and broke when I upgraded, it has been suggested that it's a 
package issue.

I was told to send an e-mail to openvas-distro at wald.intevation.org which I'm 
Cc-ing on this e-mail.


From: lucone <lucacerpy at gmail.com>
To: openvas-discuss at wald.intevation.org
Sent: Wed, March 23, 2011 1:26:12 PM
Subject: [Openvas-discuss] GSA Problem

i've just installed , via atomic repository, Openvas with GSA on a 64 bit RHEL5 
i configured GSAD to listen on server ip instead of localhost ip
i set users to accept all LAN request
but when i attempt to login to web interfaces respond me "Login failed."

can you help me? Thanks

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