[Openvas-discuss] GSA Problem

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Thu Mar 24 13:09:15 CET 2011

> i launch the script openvas-check-setup in server mode (see attach)
> the error is  "ERROR: OpenVAS Manager is NOT running"
> i attempt to  start the service but openvasmd doesn't start
> in openvasmd log i found this problems:
> md   main:CRITICAL:2011-03-24 10h47.37 utc :23454: main: database must be
> initialised (with --update or --rebuild)
> md   main:WARNING:2011-03-24 10h48.00 utc :23458: sql: sqlite3_step failed:
> database table is locked

I guess you are on CentOS or RHEL 4.  There is an issue with the stock
SQLite that causes deadlock in the Manager.  If you can, please install a
newer version of SQLite.  The package maintainer is working to reproduce
and most likely will provide a compat package for SQLite.

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