[Openvas-discuss] Greenbone Web Page Not Found

Randy Dover rdover at cscbank.com
Wed Nov 2 16:46:19 CET 2011

I did not change the default, just took all the defaults during the

I installed on CentOS, I did a find on greenbo* and do not see a
"greenbone-security-assistant" file anywhere. I do have a
"greenbone-security-assistant-2.0.1" directory. In that folder is 4

Randy Dover 

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Just out of curiousity... did you change the default listening
interfaces in the OpenVAS files in etc/default...


the file


has a section...

# The address the Greenbone Security Assistant will listen on.


# The port the Greenbone Security Assistant will listen on.


Have you edited to ensure it is listening on the the right address???

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I followed the instructions at
http://openvas.org/install-packages.html#openvas4_centos_atomic to set
up my OpenVAS install.

The install seemed quite easy.

The install was (at least appeared) successful, and displayed this

"Setup complete, you can now access GSAD at:
https://<IP>:9392 "

However, afterward, I can not access the webpage as the above states I

Here is my ifconfig:

Eth0    Link encap:Ethernet             HWaddr:
                inet addr: #.#.49.49            Bcast:#.#.255.255
                inet6 addr: fe80::#:#:#:#/64            Scope:Link
                UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST          MTU:1500
                RX packets: 1118838     errors:2
overruns:0      frame:0
                TX packets:7982         errors:0
overruns:0      carrier:0
                collisions:0    txqueuelen:1000
                RX bytes:#### (80.8 MiB)        TX bytes:### (908.8)
                Interrupt:18            Base address:0x2000
(I do have a question about the Bcast. I did not set the broadcast, and
don't know if that will cause a problem. If it does, how can I fix it?
Also, I think IPv6 is disabled.)

When I go to the web page  https://#.#.49.49:9392
<https://#.#.49.49:9392> I get:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

I can ping the OpenVAS server from my computer and I can ping computers
from the OpenVAS server.

Randy Dover

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