[Openvas-discuss] Disable all plugins with OMP

Allon Moritz - First Security allon.moritz at first-security.com
Tue Nov 8 11:25:04 CET 2011

Never mind I found it

application abuses</family></nvt_selection></modify_config>


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How can I disable all plugins of a family where individual plugins are
selected by not iterating over all plugins and disable them? For example
when I copy the Full and fast scan config the Web application abuses family
has one plugin not selected. My OMP command looks like this to disable the


<modify_config config_id="254cd3ef-bbe1-4d58-859d-21b8d0c046c6">




      <name>Web application abuses</name>







I am missing something?


Greets Allon Moritz


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