[Openvas-discuss] installation stuff

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Fri Nov 11 20:02:28 CET 2011

> I just installed openvas4 on an Ubuntu-server (11.04) and on e
> debian6-server. All went well, and everything seems to work. I only think
> there should be some remarks in the howto on the openvas-pages.
> First is the issue of the listening interfaces, related to the error "
> "WARNING: OpenVAS Manager is running and listening only on the local
> interface. This means that you will not be able to access ...". Problem is
> that in the standard-configuration files on /etc/default/openvas* , they
> are all configured on localhost and should be changed to, in order
> to be able to listen on all interfaces.
> ~# cat /etc/default/openvas-scanner

This is an intentional choice of the maintainer of the package.  He's on
the openvas-distro mailing list if you want to ask him to change it.  Might
also be able to help you with point 3.

> 4. I dont understand how the clients (for ex. greenbon security desktop)
> can receive the settings of the scanner and neither do I understand the
> function of the agents.
> Is there somewhere a manual of openvas ?

Documentation is pretty light at this point.  There's help in the GSA and
there are some docs on the website.


Clients get the Scanner setting via the OMP GET_CONFIGS command.  Agents
are a just a way of storing files at this point.

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