[Openvas-discuss] openvas cpu consuming ?

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Mon Nov 21 19:45:26 CET 2011

> This is fixed now too. The only problem that I am experiencing now with
> this, is that when user1(with admin role) does a scan on certain target,
> user1 can see the results, but user 2 who has the same admin-rights cannot
> see the results. How can I make sure that all users can see the scanned
> results ?

In OpenVAS-4 a user can only see his own reports.  OpenVAS-5 introduces the
"observer" feature, where a user can let others see his tasks.

> Apparently the reports are showed into the desktop-client, but not into the
> interface of the server :
> The client takes over the scans initiated on the server, but the server
> doesn't take the scans initiated by the greenbone-client.

GSA, GSD and any other OMP client all simply show the same central data
that sits on the Manager.  If you are logged in as the same user you should
see the same thing in all the clients.

The old openvas-client talks directly to the Scanner and stores the reports
on the client side.

> >> Apparently on a debian server there is also an issue of plugins. Do the
> openvas-plugins-base need to be installed ? The same issue with
> openvas-server
> dpkg -l | grep openvas

The OpenVAS versions shipped with Debian are way old.  Debian packages the
plugins in a package, instead of getting them from the feed.

Newer packages are available listed on the website.


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