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Jim Halfpenny jim.halfpenny at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 10:03:10 CEST 2011

I've managed Confluence before so I would be happy to help install
and/or maintain it. There is a bundled installation package which
contains confluence and the Java application sever (tomcat IIRC) in
one which makes for easy installation. I would advise some caution
when installing plugins as this seems to be the easiest way to move
from a stable installation to a support nightmare.


On 6 September 2011 08:40, Zaki Akhmad <za132 at students.itb.ac.id> wrote:
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>> Indeed.... good question. Now is a good time to get this going. What I
>> would really like to use is a specific wiki called Confluence. The
>> main reason is that is has a good PDF generator we can use to make the
>> user/admin guides with and it also has some good diagram plugins. It
>> is open source and is free for open-source projects.
> Geoff, could you point me the statement "is free"? From this[1] I found that Confluence wiki is "free, fully functional 30-day trial"
> [1]http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/ConfluenceDownloadCenter.jspa
>> We need somewhere to host it, though. Is anyone willing to provide
>> access to a server that can host confluence (it is java based).
> Hi Geoff, I think I could provide the server access.
>> I am, of course, open to alternatives.
> I am familiar most with mediawiki, but also, I'm open to alternatives.
> -za,
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