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I have administrated both, and Confluence is by far the better wiki, in terms of features, security, and usability. It is pretty sad that the only reason we would go with mw is because it is foss, even though we could get a better quality wiki free.  The confluence dev team has made it very clear that they want to support the open source community, which is why we could get a license free

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Is it considered proprietary?  The source is available,  though you need to 
be a customer.

It sounds like people do want MediaWiki, but my experiences with it as 
something that can produce a compendium like we what we already offer are 
poor.  Looking for other wikis with full PDF generation has turned up very 
little that actually works well and without a lot of time spent on it. 
Though... I guess we can drop the compendium as a PDF.  Maybe that is not 
really necessary.

If people feel strongly enough about it, we'll switch to MediaWiki.  I 
hardly want to force a solution on people they do not like.

Do we have volunteers that would be willing to get MediaWiki fully working 
and creating a compendium like article/book?  And applying updates as 


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>> In their pricing matrix, they state they are free for open-source 
>> projects.
>> We should be able to qualify for that.
>> http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/pricing.jsp under the
>> "non-profits and open source projects" tab.
> Quite a shame to use a proprietary wiki for OpenVAS, even if the wiki is
> free of charge.  Please please consider using MediaWiki or some Free
> Software alternative.
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