[Openvas-discuss] NVT: Too long options parameter OID:

Goeber, Daniel daniel.goeber at logica.com
Thu Sep 29 09:52:42 CEST 2011

Hi Micha,

the web server is running stable, and I didn't set safe-checks to "no". I just modified openvassd.conf (safe_checks = no) and now I am not getting any high critical threats now :) - so that scan looks like my others I previously did on that system, which just had the expected medium/low threats.
I guess for future security issues that show up all over sudden in my reports it's recommended do this then first again before getting headaches, right?

Thank you!


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*** Goeber, Daniel <daniel.goeber at logica.com> wrote:

> OpenVAS found this critical threat - but strangely it only appears
> sometimes. 
> NVT: Too long options parameter OID:
> Any idea?! I'm getting concerned about this, the scanned target is a
> domino server.

Did the web server crash (sometimes)? At http://pastebin.com/XpjJV12p
you could see the request send by www_too_long_options.nasl.

Is it intentional, that you have disabled "safe checks'?


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