[Openvas-discuss] Why is OpenVAS is missing obvious open ports?

Stefan Schwarz Stefan.Schwarz at unibw.de
Fri Aug 3 15:42:28 CEST 2012

Am 03.08.2012 15:30, schrieb Whit Blauvelt:
> On Fri, Aug 03, 2012 at 03:01:15PM +0200, Henri Doreau wrote:
>> do you have nmap installed on the scanner box? Although nmap is not a
>> hard requirement for OpenVAS, the scanner is able to leverage it and
>> this can dramatically improve accuracy of the network exploration
>> phase.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> The Atom process resulted in nmap 5.51 being installed. Does OpenVAS require
> special configuration to use it?

Yes, you should enable nmap under "Post scanners" in your actual scan 
config. Be also sure to set your port list correctly although typical 
service ports should be within predefined config.

Please compare OpenVAS results with native nmap port scan like a simple 
"nmap <target>". Do this on the same machine to avoid differences by 
firewalls or other networking stuff.


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